The Year of Fun Reading

I have decided this is going to be the year of reading for fun.  No more reading for my kid’s section at work–unless it’s by “accident. No more reading because it ended up on the recommends table or my book-club is reading it.  I don’t care if my favorite co-worker loved it and I always love what they recommend.  If I don’t like it I’m bailing after 10 pages and then telling them nicely it “just wasn’t for me“.

This year I have discovered I love regency romance novels-who knew?  After a lifetime of running as fast as possible in the opposite direction I now want nothing more than to spend time eating bon bons on a fainting couch while I devour them like the mind candy they are.  But you know what–they sure are fun!!  And I really love rakes, because you always know that by the end of the novel they will be redeemed by the lady.  Even knowing that my heart goes pitter pat as I read to the happily ever after they promise.

This year I’m reading authors I wouldn’t have looked twice at and not reading so much literature fiction or as I sometimes jokingly call it “artsy fartsy”  because to be honest, lots of it sucks.  I’m done reading lots of mediocre “next big things” on so and so’s recommendation.  I’m going to start recommending things because they made me laugh or cry or made my heart sing. 

So if you’re looking for a book to make your heart sing, not a piece of high art you have to decipher with a decoder ring and protractor come see me.  I have lots of books to tell you about.








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