I am so lucky that I work for a big indie bookstore and get access to all sorts of early release titles.  Usually my biggest problem is not that I don’t have enough to read but what to read next amongst all my stacks of books.  Today my buyer showed up to relieve me for lunch and she had the new Jojo Moyes book ‘The Girl You Left Behind’   which doesn’t even come out until August 20th.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!  I read my first Jojo Moyes, Me Before You this year and absolutely loved it!  So now I have one more book to add to the ever growing stack and I kinda wish the days were just a few hours longer so I could get some of my backlog reading done.  I’ve already read 119 books this year and I’m still so far behind on what I’ve marked to read for the year and all the advance readers I have stacked around the house.  Don’t even ask about all the advance readers from last year or the year before that!  Too bad we can’t read at work but I guess we’d never notice the customers if we did.  At least they keep me in books.


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