The Hathoways by Lisa Kleypas

The Hathoways

Mine Till Midnight
Seduce Me at Sunrise
Tempt Me at Twilight
Married By Morning
Love in the Afternoon

After a lifetime of swearing I would never ever read romance novels I feel hard this last year and have been going though them like a box of Valentines chocolate. Just like a box of chocolates some romances are better than others and I’d have to say that all the Lisa Kleypas I’ve read so far are yummy cream centers!


Turns out  I’ve read more Lisa Kleypas this year than any other author, romance or otherwise. and there’s a reason.  Her books are lighthearted, funny and filled with quirky characters.

The Hathoways is a companion series to The Wallflowers and  also just as fun!  Each of the five Hathoways gets their own book and I have to be honest in that I loved some better than others.

Reading romances can have some sqwick moments with all your “Alpha Males” running around demanding to be in charge and wanting their women to obey and all that nonsense.  This series is not immune but luckily we have strong female characters who ultimately have to let their men know they are not delicate flowers willing to let themselves be kowtowed into submission.  As nice as it may be to have someone to take care of you, if it’s at the expense of  you own independence….

Mine Till Midnight-the first in the series-was my favorite, with its introduction to the Hathoway  family and romance between Amelia and Cam.  Brother Leo and Governess Catherine Marks’ story–Married by Morning–came a close second with Leo’s lost love and Catherine’s dangerous secret past.

I wasn’t exactly happy with some of the things that happened on the on the way to the altar for Poppy and Harry in Tempt Me at Twilight  and while I do understand Harry’s point about Poppy’s other suitor, it still felt wrong.  But other readers may have different reactions.  Win and Merripen’s romance in  Seduce Me at Sunrise was by far the sweetest  with Win having loved Merripen since childhood.

The youngest and by far quirkiest Hathoway-Beatrix-gets the most angst filled story dealing with a returning Crimea war hero and PTSD, not what you’d expect from a regency romance, but it works.  The comparison between damaged and frightened animals and damaged people is nicely and convincingly done.

Read them in order to get the most enjoyment out of the series, but seriously, if you love regency romances then I highly recommend this!  You don’t need to read The Wallflowers first but I would–only because they are so much fun too!


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