The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Guest Blog by Kathy Hudson

Good, fun read. If it were a movie, which I am sure it will be sooner or later, it would be a romantic comedy.

Don is a tenured professor of genetics in Australia, and before he gives up the idea for good, he decides to do a Wife Project. He develops a questionnaire that should eliminate unsuitable women so that he won’t have to waste time dating them only to discover they are smokers, or vegans or have some other serious defect as a life partner. This is helpful because, despite his many good attributes, Don is not very astute in social situations. He has trouble with facial cues and picking up the emotional responses of others.

But before he can get fully into the swing of his own project, he is sidetracked by Rosie, who has a project of her own. She needs help determining who is her biological father.

All the people, even the jerks, are likeable and realistic, with their own faults and flaws and virtues. If you like Cathy Lamb, Claire Cook, or Jojo Moyes, you will like this. And even if you don’t like them, you should kick back and enjoy. This is a great book to relax with.

This book is already out in the UK–and here is their cover:


And below is the US cover for which sadly you will have to wait until October 1st to get into your hands but put this one on your reading list!  When I passed this on to Kathy I made her promise to read it right away because it was so charming and fun and I’m so glad she took my advice (and let me steal her review!)



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