Not Quite a Wife (Lost Lords, #6)

I am one of those people that if I start a series I usually have to finish it and in the romance genre this can get you in lots of trouble with some pretty terrible books potentially mixed in with some pretty good ones.  Which brings us volume six (of seven) in Mary Jo Putney’s Lost Lord’s series. I really liked the first three-gave them four stars…..

But this one—yikes!!  So let’s take a closer look at the premise, shall we?

If our heroine can only get past the fact that her husband is…da da dum…a murderer who did the dastardly deed on their honeymoon all will be well.

They have been living apart for ten years and are now trying to reconcile. She’s advised to become more physically intimate with him to help her get around this “problem” and help with her reconciliation of her marriage. What a gigantic bowl of crazysauce!!

Let’s forget about the fact that in reality her husband works for the government as a “spy” of sorts so it wasn’t really murder and during the course of the story her husband kills a second man in front of her. Our heroine also ends up accidentally killing a man who kidnaps her and her maid, so this romance had lots and lots of death.

I would only recommend this if you are OCD and absolutely must read every book in the entire series. Looks like the next in the series is about the Preacher-Doctor brother of Mrs Crazysauce so who knows. From the mini preview it already appears to be as pushing the boundaries of “woo-hoo-goody-two-shoes” as this one did. He’s going to fall in love with the abused wife of someone he shouldn’t be messing with and can’t have. Waahh!!!!


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